• October 2, 2023
  • 17 5784, Tishri
  • פרשת ויחי

The Plans that Preexisted Creation

The Plans that Preexisted Creation

Did anything exist prior to creation as we understand it? Join Rabbi Yehoshua Geller as he explores several ideas the Torah tells us about, which God had in mind for the future of the world He was going to create.

September 4, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Plans that Preexisted Creation: Medrash Breishit Raba-overview of the 6/7 things that preexisted creation
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Medrash Breishit Raba:  https://library.alhatorah.org/?r1=Bereshit_Rabbah_1

Pasuk showing that Torah preceded the creation of the world:  https://mg.alhatorah.org/Full/Mishlei/8.22#e1n6

Pasuk showing that the throne of Hashem preceded the creation of the world: https://mg.alhatorah.org/Full/Tehillim/93.2#e1n6


Pasuk showing that the 3 fathers and 4 mothers were part of the intent of creating the world:  https://mg.alhatorah.org/Full/Hoshea/9.10#e1n6


September 11, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Plans that Preexisted Creation: Ultimate goal-the name of Mashiach
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Breishit Raba  1.4  the 6 things preexisting creation

Mashiach represents the time the world reaches completion of bringing the glory of Hashem into our world.

Baba Batra 75b, Mashiach represent the name of Hashem

We brought commentaries that the name Yinon represents the yud-ke-vav-ke name of Hashem using the letter exchange of letters with the first number matching ( 1=10=100, and as such 5, the gimatria of the letter heh, matches nun,  with the gimatria of 50, known as צופן אי”ק בכ”ר )

Breishet Raba 2.4 tohu va-vohu refers to the exiles, and during that time, the spirit of Hashem-the spirit of Mashiach is floating upon the water. The end result is in its making during this period. The period of challenge is what enables Mashiach

The 4 names of mashiach, Sanhedrin 98b which are similar in name to the names of the rabbis who mention them, perhaps suggesting that each person needs to perfect themselves, as well as that the Mashiach is about multitudes of virtues and attributes represented by every person reaching their goal.

See also the Chidushei Agadot on the above Sanhedrin. 


September 18, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Plans that Preexisted Creation: The Patriarchs founding the balanced pathway
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Rabbi Yehoshua Geller received Smicha from Rav Mordechai Elefant zt"l and the ITRI Yeshiva, where he was a Talmid for many years. He served as the Rosh Beit Medrash of the English Speakers' Program at the Jerusalem College of Technology/Machon Lev, Rabbi Geller has also taught at Yeshivat Yam HaTalmud and Yeshivat Hamivtar. Rabbi Geller holds an M.A. in Hebrew Studies.