• June 15, 2024
  • 9 5784, Sivan
  • פרשת נשא


The Halacha Mastery Program is a special track of study for students seeking advanced learning. For more info CLICK HERE. To apply CLICK HERE.

In order to complete the WebYeshiva.org Halacha Mastery Program, participants are required to pass 6 courses. Three of the topics are mandatory and three may be chosen from our list of electives.

Mandatory Topics

Kitchen & KashrutWith Rabbi David Brofsky: A comprehensive study of the laws of meat and milk, mixtures, foods produced by non-Jews, hechsher keilim, and other important topics in kashrut. Available live October 2023.

Kitchen & ShabbatWith Rabbi David Brofsky: An overview of laws of cooking and reheating food on Shabbat, with an emphasis on the underlying principles of Shabbat melachah. Available via archived recordings.

Hilchot Niddah – A comprehensive study of Hilchot Niddah, including separate tracks for men, with Rabbi Dovid Fink, and women, with Rabbanit Fran Miller.The body of this course will consist of a careful, word-by-word study of the principle texts from the Mishna, Talmud, Rishonim, and modern authorities on the laws of family purity that apply today. Available via archived recordings.

Elective Topics

The House & the WorldWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: The continued establishment of a Jewish home throughout the year requires knowledge of certain practical halachot which maintain the relationship between the house and the the world around us. Explore this bond with a view towards clarifying the practical halachot for today’s modern world. Topics will include: mezuzah, muktzeh, eiruvin, maake, blended families, interacting with non-Jews and other religions, workplace halacha, dina de-Malchuta, and more. Available live Fall 2023.

Jewish Lifecycle Events With Rabbi Gidon Rothstein: Take an in-depth, source based journey through Jewish lifecycle events and learn the practical halacha associated with these ceremonies.  Topics include: Blessings after giving birth, brit milah, pidyon haben, bar/ bat mitzvah, marriage (engagement, the wedding, sheva brachot) and more. Available via archived recordings.

The MoadimWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: Journey through the Jewish calendar learning the principal halakhic issues of each Mo’ed. From Tishrei to Elul, understand the practical halachic thinking to age old questions and modern challenges. Available via archived recordings.

Technology & HalachaWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: Challenge your halachic mind by exploring modern practical halachic issues involving technology, learning the halachic process from the Talmudic sources down through today’s leading poskim. Available via archived recordings.

Mashgiach KashrutWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: An in depth study of the mashgiach’s job, kashrut in larger settings such as hotels and restaurants, non-Jews working in the kitchen, and other issues that may arise which are different from in the home. Available via archived recordings.

Olam Hatefilah – With Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig: The world of prayer encompasses many important practical daily halachic topics including: Is tefilah a Torah or a Rabbinic commandment, women and tefilah, minyan, mechitza, kavanna, and more. Available via archived recordings.

Medical Ethics & HalachaWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: A survey and in depth study of major medical halachic and ethics issues which are important for our time. Available via archived recordings.

Shabbat & TechnologyWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: Muktzah, electricity, an overview of laws of medical treatment and pikuach nefesh. Available via archived recordings.


The Laws of Aveilut (Mourning) – With Rabbi David Brofsky: Topics include those of practical importance: aninut, burial, beginning of the seven days of mourning (shiva) and its laws and customs, the shloshim and twelve month periods of mourning, kaddish and yahrtzeit. Our primary text will be the Shulchan Arukh (Yoreh De’ah), but will we begin each topic from its Talmudic source and trace its development throughout the centuries until the modern era.  Available via archived recordings.

*Scheduling and other information for these courses is subject to change.

Optional Courses

Halacha Mastery students are invited to partake in the following completely optional recorded courses. These courses are not required and do not count towards graduating the Halacha Mastery Program.

World of Responsa – With Rabbi Gidon Rothstein: Through this in depth survey, we hope to understand more about the sources respondents relied on to reach their decisions, the kinds of logic they found convincing, and the process of bringing halachah from the Beit Midrash to real life.

Laws of the LandWith Rabbi Dovid Fink: A comprehensive study of important halachot for when living in Eretz Yisrael including: Truma, Ma’aser and Shmita. Available via archived recordings.

Intensive Gemara Seminar Shabbat – With Rabbi Jesse HornLearn to rigorously read and dissect the text of Tractate Shabbat, to ask major questions, and to develop and analyze the answers and approaches offered.  Available via archived recordings.

Aveilut and Happiness –  With Rabbi Dovid Fink: An overview of how Jewish law deals with the conflict between the laws of mourning and times of happiness. This course is available via the archived recordings.

Intensive Gemara Seminar: Beitza –  With Rabbi David Brofsky: In this course, we will explore the most fundamental, and practical laws of holiday topics as they appear in Masechet Beitza.  Available via the archived recordings.