• April 24, 2024
  • 16 5784, Nisan
  • פרשת שמות

About Virtual Rabbi

WebYeshiva is delighted to offer confidential online spiritual coaching and halachic consultation services for men, women, and couples as provided by Rabbi Johnny Solomon, our newly appointed Chief Learning Officer (CLO), also known as #theVirtualRabbi.

Please note that all clients can book a discovery call before making a booking for these services (CLICK HERE to schedule your free discovery call):

What is spiritual coaching?

When someone experiences challenges which affect their faith, or when someone wishes to learn more about spirituality, they can gain much comfort and clarity by learning and discussing relevant Torah teachings with a guide or mentor who won’t just explain those teachings, but who will also endeavor to understand the specific challenges being experienced by that person, or the specific spiritual quest which they are pursuing, and who will then coach them to consider how to apply those teachings to their life.

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What is a halachic consultation?

While we often encounter halachic challenges in our personal life, family life, or workplace, many of us don’t have a personal Rabbi who is prepared to make the time to get to know us and our particular situation, or who is capable of presenting us with the necessary halachic knowledge to enable us to play an active role in reaching a halachic decision. By blending active listening and coaching skills, and by bringing together a deep knowledge of halacha and a nuanced understanding of the art of pesika (halachic decision-making), the halachic consultation service is meant to educate and empower those wishing to address halachic queries in their life.

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For more info on how this service works see our Virtual Rabbi FAQs or email office@webyeshiva.org.

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