• May 28, 2024
  • 19 5784, Iyyar
  • פרשת בחקתי

PODCAST: Daf Yomi One Week at a Time: Pesachim 67-73

Rabbanit Dr. Tamara Spitz reviews key topics of the previous week’s seven pages. This week we continue discussing different customs of different areas. We will learn what was created before the world, before Shabbat and after Shabbat. This week we will learn about the 3 camps that existed in the desert and who needed to leave which camp, and how this correlates to Jerusalem. We will hear about events that will happen in the End of Days. We will then learn about the Festival offering that is brought on the 14th of Nissan and all its ramifications. To join the weekly live lesson visit Daf Yomi One Week at a Time: Pesachim.