• June 15, 2024
  • 9 5784, Sivan
  • פרשת נשא

The Seder 2024: Karpass

The Seder 2024: Karpass

One of the stages of the Passover Seder is karpass, dipping a small piece of vegetable in salt water and eating it. Join Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman as he tries to understand this puzzling miztvah and why it’s an important step in whetting our appetite for telling the Pesach story.

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April 1, 2024 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
The Seder 2024: Karpass: The Seder 2024: Karpass
Class description

The meal eaten on the night of Pesach is known as the “Seder” and “Seder” means order. The meal is conducted in a particular order. This order is the subject of the tenth chapter of masechet Pesachim. The Seder meal is discussed there in great detail. Traditionally the meal is broken down into fourteen steps. The third step in this list is “Karpass.” But if you would look for a discussion of Karpass in masechet Pesachim you won’t find one. The word Karpass does not appear at all in the entire tractate Pesachim. The word Karpass only appears three times in the Babylonian Talmud and never in connection with the holiday of Pesach.
So, what is Karpass? We will discuss this in today’s class.

Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman graduated from Yeshiva University in 1980 and the dental school of Columbia University in 1985. In 1989 he began studying and teaching at Yeshivat Hamivtar and now studies and teaches at Yeshivat Machanaim in Efrat. He has rabbinic ordination from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.