• June 19, 2024
  • 13 5784, Sivan
  • פרשת בהעלתך

Maariv for Rosh Hashanah

Maariv for Rosh Hashanah

The Rosh Hashanah Maariv of the first day is the beginning of the Day of Judgment. Judgment can only take place when we are face-to-face with our Creator. This cosmic process begins on the night of Rosh Hashanah and proceeds through Simchat Torah. Join Rabbi Avraham Shira for an in depth look at the Kabbalistic thinking behind the Day of Judgment and this delicate process.

August 26, 2021 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Maariv for Rosh Hashanah: Maariv for Rosh Hashanah
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Shalom to All. Welcome to a new short series, two classes for Elul, before we begin a new series after the chaggim on the Holy Letters of the Aleph Beit.

Tonight we will learn from the Arizal haKadosh about the importance of the Maarive prayer of Rosh HaShanah. This prayer is more than just another Yom Tov Maariv. It is the beginning of the beginning of a month long cosmic process of the re-Creation of the reality, and celebrated as the birthdays of the Patriarchs. It is the time when the masculine and feminine forces diverge and reconverge into a higher plane of Unity, and the Rav takes us step by step through this process. Time permitting we will also practice a short guided meditation to integrate the ideas we learn into a deeper level of consciousness.

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It is my priveledge that we learn these awesome Torot together, as we have for more than a decade here on Webyeshiva.

Avraham Shira

Rabbi Avraham Shira received smicha from Rabbi Benayahu Shmueli, Rosh Yeshivat HaMekubalim, Nahar Shalom, in Jerusalem. He has been a student and teacher in the Yeshiva since 1993. Since 1996 he has taught for twelve years at the Berot Bat Ayin Seminary, specializing in Likutei Moharan, and conducting workshops in meditation, and spiritual creative writing. He has also received a Masters Degree in Clinical Sociology & Family Therapy from the University of North Texas, Neve Yerushalayim Campus. Rabbi Shira has published a novel and translates a newsletter for Nahar Shalom. He lives with his wife, Elisheva and their five children in Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion.