• February 28, 2024
  • 19 5784, Adar I
  • פרשת כי תשא

How To Learn A Mishnah

How To Learn A Mishnah

Join Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel and explore the methodology for unlocking the meaning and import of texts found in the great work of the Tannaitic period, the Mishnah. Using a few examples, we will illustrate how to best crack the “code” of the Mishnah and thereby introduce the way the gemara looks at mishnayot.

February 5, 2024 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
How To Learn A Mishnah: What is the method for learning a mishna?
Class description

In this first meeting of this 3-part series, we will first discuss in abstract terms the steps of the methodology that we suggest for learning mishnayot.

Following that we will take a concrete example from a specific mishna in Masechet Bava Kama and show how the analysis is done in practice.

February 12, 2024 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
How To Learn A Mishnah: Applying the method
Class description

In this 2nd session, we will continue studying the specific mishna from Tractate Bava Kama 3:1, which we started last time as the first example of how to use our suggested method for unlocking the meaning and implications of a mishnah. (Last time we read, translated, and defined the big picture in the mishna, but did not go further than this.)

After we complete the analysis of that mishna, we will move on to a second example in a different area of halacha, this time from Tractate Bava Metzia 2:8, and use the same approach.

February 19, 2024 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
How To Learn A Mishnah: More examples
Class description

This is the third and last session of this series.

In the previous session, we moved to a second example, this time in Masechet Bava Metzia, to illustrate the steps of the methodology we suggested for learning mishna. We translated the mishna and explained some background.

In this session, we will learn that mishna from Bava Metzia (2:8) in depth using our methodology.

Following this, we will go to one additional illustration, this time from a mishna in Masechet Pesachim (1:3), where the subject matter will be more familiar to most students, and discuss the fascinating dispute between the two sages in the mishna.

Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel has been enjoying guiding students in how to learn and understand Talmud at WebYeshiva.org since its founding. He began his teaching career as a teacher and educational director at Michlelet Bruria in the 1980s. For over 20 years, he has been working as a software engineer in Jerusalem, and during that time has been an editor and contributor to the company NDS's Torah journal, Chiddushei Torah@NDS, that was published annually from 1996-2014 . He and his wife reside in Ma'ale Adumim and are parents to five children and have many grandchildren.