• July 13, 2024
  • 7 5784, Tammuz
  • פרשת חקת

Haman & Amalek

Haman & Amalek

Who is Haman? Was it anger or something else that made him want to kill all the Jews? Join Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman as he explores Haman’s background and how the villain of the Purim story is intertwined with Amalek. 

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February 28, 2022 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Haman & Amalek: Haman & Amalek
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Hello Everyone.

The lesson of Purim is the lesson (one could say) is the necessity for confronting evil. I had the privilege  of knowing a very wise rabbi, Rabbi Yisrael Shurin zt”l. He was born in Lithuania and in his youth he heard Hitler’s speeches on the radio. Rabbi Shurin told  me that everyone who heard the speeches laughed at the lunatic who claimed that he will kill  all the Jews. The greatness of Mordechai according to Rabbi Shurin was that when heard Haman’s equally bombastic plan he did not laugh at it. Mordechai immediately took action and saved the Jewish people with Esther.

March 7, 2022 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Haman & Amalek: Haman & Amalek
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Hello  Everyone

Last week we discussed Amalek as the paradigm of mindless anti-Semitism throughout our history. Amalek seeks the physical destruction of the Jewish people.

Today we will see how the Chasidic teachers see Amalek as the threat to the spiritual destruction of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman graduated from Yeshiva University in 1980 and the dental school of Columbia University in 1985. In 1989 he began studying and teaching at Yeshivat Hamivtar and now studies and teaches at Yeshivat Machanaim in Efrat. He has rabbinic ordination from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.